Here is what people say about Paragon Meeting and Events


Joyce is a very valuable resource! The connections and relationships she has built are phenomenal. Joyce is up to date with events and just as important she is current with the best practices in coordinating a special event. She is the go to person! C.S. Columbus, IN

I have known Joyce for several years through our shared involvement in the Central States Anthropological Society. As our confrence coordinator she has done more than any other person to keep the Society running smoothly and efficiently. I have been consis-tently impressed at her energetic, pro-active attention to detail and grasp of the organizational process. She keeps track of members and contacts, deadlines, finances, and the responsibilities of each officer. Over the past few years, in my roles as program chair, president, and (now) past president, I have de-pended on Joyce’s experience, expertise, and counsel. She presents issues thoroughly, yet tactfully, so that they may be addressed effectively, without offending anyone’s personal sensibilities. She listens well and has outstanding problem-solving skills. R.F. Cleveland, OH

Recovering slowly from Thanksgiving company overload who have recently departed! The consensus of everyone involved in the Feast was that you were magnificent, endlessly patient, creative, and conscientious down to the last detail. Plus we loved the way that you so capably cleaned up and prepared those boxes for us to haul out on Friday morning. I told the innkeeper that she should recommend you to everyone she knows as a wonderful partner to have during special events! I also mentioned you to the couple that run the other B&B that we rented. I told her to throw out all the other business cards she has! And I raved about you to Rex at Party Time Rental this afternoon so you should be hearing from his contacts, too! Please thank John and Crandall for their enormous help and good cheer throughout the marathon! Thank goodness John lent his talents because you were totally correct that we would need 3 worker bees to handle our crowd! J.L Indianapolis, IN

It has been a pleasure getting to know Joyce and work with her on various fund raising projects for over three years. Our events have thrived under your creative leadership. Plus making a sponsor happy is always foremost on my list and I cannot imagine a happier one than our lead sponsor! Our Gala’s first year was a success in spite of itself. But what were we todo in the second year? Along Joyce came and put reason and order and creativity and fun into a perfect game-plan and the success continued for the years she has been with us because of her. Please use me as a reference; I will say many, many nice things about Joyce and tell people they will be making a brilliant decision if they hire Paragon ME. A.C. Columbus, IN

Joyce was very thorough in her investigation and follow-through with both vendors and potential customers/clients of the trip. She completed all work in a timely manner and thought of many little details that took our trip from fun to simply fabulous! She was also very willing to work within the budget constraints that I placed on her. Having used another vendor previously, I can honestly say that Joyce not only met, but surpassed my expectations. She was easy to reach both by phone and email and kept me up to date regarding all details of the trip. She also prepared both print and email communications that promoted my event and distributed them to her wide list of contacts. I would not hesitate to use Joyce again for any event or trip that I needed assistance in planning. She is outstanding at what she does! K.C. Columbus, IN

I have had the pleasure of working with Joyce on several events. Few others are able to provide the level of service that Paragon ME, LLC provides time after time. Joyce’s knowledge of how to successfully execute an event is mind-boggling at times. Her attention to detail is unequaled. Her resourcefulness is amazing. Her list of contacts and connections will make your head spin. Anyone interested in planning a seamless event you can be proud of would be well-served to enlist the services of Paragon ME. E.H. Columbus, IN

Joyce is very thorough in her investigation of my newsletter needs and target audience it will be sent to. She is able to make suggestions that are extremely helpful regarding readability, color selection, layout and photos. She routinely completes all work in a timely manner and thinks of many little details that make my newsletter a “must-read” in everyone’s inbox! She is also very willing to work within the budget constraints that I place on her. Having not used an e-newsletter in the past, I have been pleasantly surprised by the new contacts and business that I have generated. Joyce routinely sends me statistics regarding how many people open the newsletter, click to a link on my website etc. This information allows me to see the value of this communication tool on a monthly basis. Joyce is easy to reach both by phone and email and keeps me up to date regarding all details of the newsletter. She prepares as many rough drafts as I request before the finished product goes out each month insuring that the product is just the way that I want it. I would not hesitate to recommend Joyce to anyone who wants to start an electronic newsletter. Zen Fitness Columbus, IN

The meetings Ms. Lucke organized were among the smoothest I have been involved with as either local program chair or association officer. Academic meetings are notorious for later arriving abstracts and last minute changes in submissions. Each year Joyce’s meticulous attention to detail during the submission process resulted in programs that were completed on time and with no problems. I was especially impressed with her quick identification of potential problems and the grace with which she resolved potential conflicts. When I was program chair, she presented me with an essentially complete program, identifying areas that required that I make decisions, and with carefully considered recommendations. In almost all cases, I accepted her recommendations, with the result that meeting participants uniformly praised the program. She turned a task that often takes weeks into a job that required only a couple of days. Ms. Lucke also demonstrates extraordinary ability to work with the local establishments hosting conferences. Her pre-conference planning usually meant that there were few issues that arose during the conference. The minor problems that did arise were dealt with quickly and always to the satisfaction of the conference participants. She established an excellent working relationship with the staff of the host hotels, and their regard for her was reflected in their attitude toward conference participants. Finally, I wish to emphasize the sheer amount of work Ms. Lucke puts into a conference event. She is present long before the event starts, is available at all times during the event, and makes sure all issues are resolved before leaving. P.G. Milwaukee, WI

Ms. Lucke has provided event management services for approximately 10 events with which I have been involved. Her personal characteristics and business practices all contribute to highly effective, dynamic, well-organized and successful events.Ms. Lucke is thorough, disciplined, and attentive to details while never losing sight of the larger objectives the event is intended to accomplish. She also has been very successful in helping us grow relationships and partnerships with others who might share our mission or who otherwise support the work we are doing, including signing sponsors which have brought us additional revenue. M.B.M. Columbus, IN