“How can I do more with less?” is a frequently heard cry across the business world in today’s economy. Outsourcing may well be the answer. A good meeting and event planner can save your company far more than you will save by trying to do the job in-house, using inexperienced personnel. Your core competencies are your most important consideration – your business or your life. Paragon’s core competencies, event planning, compliment yours. Thus you bring together the Ying and the Yang to achieve a complete balance. My partnership with you will allow you to focus on what you do best.

Professional planners work from a base of education, experience and intuition. I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of what is required to envision the whole event and create something that will meet your objectives. I know where you can cut corners and where you cannot. I also have buying-power by working with vendors in the hospitality industry all the time.

Why does hiring a planner make sense?

Fewer volunteers are willing to take on long-term, complex tasks – they have their own busy schedules.

Employees do not have the time to devote to events as events are usually add-on tasks to already heavy workloads – a planner’s full attention is focused on the success of your event thus being more cost effective with less time.

A planner can help to determine event’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats based on knowledge of what other events are occurring in your geographic area, as well as complete a resource and needs analysis to identify, define and focus on goals of event.

A planner provides someone with industry knowledge and experience that has established relationships with vendors needed for a successful event. You get a higher return on investment because your goals are cost-effectively met, with outcomes leading to necessary action plans to improve your business.

Paragon’s goal is to create an event that reflects your organization’s mission, goals and image. I will work with your employees and volunteers so the event is customized to your needs and goals. To keep you informed, I will create an event timeline and production schedule so you know exactly what is going to happen and when.

My job is to manage the project for you and find you the best value (not necessarily the cheapest supplier) for your particular needs. Let me demonstrate how I can plan your next event efficiently and cost-effectively.


Did you know that Paragon Meeting & Events:

has 20 years of experience with event planning for wide variety of organizations

has extensive training in adult education and diverse cultural groups

has practical experience in edutainment (education + entertainment) and ‘training the trainer’

is a ten-year member of Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce

is certified in meeting/event management from the IUPUI Tourism, Convention and Event Management program

abides by the Code of Professionalism set out by Meeting Planners International

Let your staff focus on what they do best. The business of your business! Let me focus on creating the event to showcase your organization.

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Our Mission is to deliver superior quality meeting and event services for our clients, their stakeholders, and the community through leadership, innovation and partnerships.
At Paragon Meeting & Events, our daily goal is to reach a standard of excellence, so you have the perfect event.
We want to:
• Always respond quickly to any questions or concerns;
• Provide that WOW factor to make an event stand out;
• Become known locally as a “memorologist” – a creator of crystalline memories;
• Always exceed client expectations;
• Always exceed guest expectations;
• Integrate our services so become a part of the client’s internal team;
• Give stellar customer service before, during and after any event;
• Be dedicated to the experience of client’s guests on event days;
• Provide focused service;
• Provide personalized service;
• Create events so the guest experience will differentiate our client from the competition;
• Be our client’s partner to create events that reach goals beyond just a successful event;
• Ensure the client is 100% satisfied with the ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI);
• Ensure the client is 100% satisfied with the ‘Return On Event’ (ROE)!

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. ~Carl W. Buechner